Dance the Goddess

~  Dance The Goddess ~

The Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara

Kauai Tara Circle Meets
The 2st Sunday of every month
at the Golden Lotus Studio in Kapaa
call (808) 353-1071 

all are welcome

There are limitless ways in which enlightened energy can manifest
in order to most effectively benefit beings in any circumstance.  This Practice encourages us to explore how we can respond in relation to 21 aspects of Feminine Wisdom. Supporting one another in Praise & Celebration we expand our
Wisdom, Compassion and Power.
This in an opportunity to express the highest love,
unconditional in its motivation, embracing, intimate, encouraging, graceful, energetic and devoted to bringing harmony, Peace and realization of our divine nature.

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A living rainbow lotus blooming at the dedication of the dance, 2001 Pilgrimage for  Peace in India and Nepal – This photo was taken while offering the Mandala
in Dharmasala, India.




The vision of offering 4 Mandalas, birthing dancers in the
4 directions representing 108 dancers………….
May this dream come to be for the benefit of all beings