Tara Dance Retreat

Tara Dance Retreat Schedule

Celebration of the Divine Feminine

Retreat on Kauai, Hawaii August
10 – 18, 2014

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 The Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara

 Since 1999 The Kauai Tara Circle has met once a month, to Pray Dance and Play. we have also responded to invitations to dance for and in the community. Meeting the 2nd Sunday of every month at “Tara Sangha” the group shares the dance leadership role with the 5 Student teachers that have evolved out of the Kauai  Group; Trishana Star, Sharon Gonsalves, Robin Mazor and Eana Rose. 

A Second meeting will be lead by Eana.  Eana is a student of the dance and a forth level dance leader and mentor for dance leaders.

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Om Tare!

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