Lomi Schedule

~Lomi Schedule~

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Golden Lotus Presents

Lomi Lomi Pu’uwai

 A Retreat for Massage Practioners

sharing the sacred arts of lomi lomi, hula, and chant

~Facilitated By Eana Rose~
 Lomi artist and instructor from the Island of Kauai

TUITION:       $350 USA

DATES :           The next retreat is scheduled for January and February 5 – 7 2016 through Golden Lotus Massage Trainings Kauai 
Request for private and semii private    trainings  call or email eana.

Eana: (808) 828-0138 / 808-353-1071 cell  eanarose@gmail.com

The 3 day training is an opportunity to immerse oneself, and come away with a deeper capacity for intimacy. We will set personal and group intention and nurture these through out the retreat with visualization and dream work. The training will provide a strong foundation in the form and intention of sacred Hawaiian body work.  Lomi Lomi Pu’uwai Training becomes a safe place to explore the beauty and effectiveness of dissolving our concepts of separateness, moving beyond the self and other relationship while upholding  professional intention and integrity.

Lomi Lomi Pu’uwai  is an invitation for Massage practioners who want to enrich  their life and practice. The training is designed to renew and inspire the practioner, as well as enhance your own form and modality.  It is also  an appropriate setting for anyone looking to support  personal transformation by focusing on their dreams through the  experience of learning and sharing Lomi Lomi



Lomi Pu’uwai festivals are on going gatherings to share lomi skills, inspiration, instruction and intention


a 4-5 hour format
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Eana Rose PO Box 1010, Kilauea, HI 96754
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